Delbôve x Le Bon Marché : a Love Story in Paris

I’m proud to announce the collaboration between Delbôve Botanicals and the mythical Bon Marché!

It’s a real joy and a great pleasure to be invited in their ephemeral and specially dedicated space to botanical poetry. What an honor it is for us to be part of this prestigious Parisian department store ! Did you know that our two brands - Delbôve Botanicals and Le Bon Marché have much in common?

Both house's ADN are based on passion, authenticity and a strong family heritage that allowed them, despite the passage of time and the ever-changing trends, to keep true to the principles and the philosophy of their creators : quality, service and efficacy !

But who are these creators, founders of these crossed destinies?

On one side, the brothers Paul and Justin Videau inaugurate a small Parisian store in 1838, which becomes the mythical Bon Marché thanks to the business acumen and strategies of the couple Aristide and Marguerite Boucicaut.
On the other side, in the 1960s, Marion and Roger Delbôve developed skincare formulas with potent botanicals with the aim to rebalance and heal the skin. Now owned by my husband and I with the desire to infuse a new life to Delbôve’s image while maintaining and respecting its authenticity and values.

In celebration of this new love story, between our two allied houses, the illustrator Marine de Quénetain made a beautiful drawing of the Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche welcoming our arrival in Paris! 
Find us from 27/10 to 31/12 
in the City of Lights for your Christmas shopping!


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