Limited edition bowl by Antoine Vandewoude

Limited edition bowl by Antoine Vandewoude – What completes your Magic Ritual.


What is unique about the Magic Ritual is that it uses very little tap water (50ml) that is dosed in a bowl. This is the first step of the Spray Mix and Treat instructions.

Created by Antoine Vanderwoude, a master furniture maker, these ceramic porcelain bowls were carefully designed to complete our award-winning Magic Ritual. We were really looking for the perfect bowl that combines the esthetics, function, and quality. We couldn't be happier with the results! 

This isn’t your common bowl. Antoine Vanderwoude practices his skills in a way that utterly charmed us. “Every object that I make is the last sentence of a scenario that we create together.” These aren’t just words. When clients come into the store and are asked to pick a bowl, they look at every one of them and choose the one that inspires them the most. Antoine says it himself, the result of his work is a part of yourself and your environment.

Don't hesitate to come by and complete your Magic Ritual to really enjoy it in the nicest way possible.

 The delicately handcrafted porcelain bowls are currently in our Brussels and Antwerp stores. We fell in love with them and we hope you will too.

  Hurry up! As it’s a limited edition, we only have a certain amount of them, and they go like treats!


 You can contact Antoine Vandewoude by mail at or come by his beautiful workplace, at Krijtstraat 13 2600 Berchem. 


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