A guide to oil cleansing and the Magic Ritual

Winter is well on it’s way in Belgium. The harsh wind, lack of sun, and bitter cold are back to deliver their yearly gifts of dry, irritated, and damaged skin for all. This collective experience has women worldwide looking for solutions to their winter skincare woes.

Recently, oil cleansing has been gaining traction as women are beginning to realize the beneficial properties of oils in their skincare regimens. This method of cleansing is said to work due to basic chemistry : oil dissolves other oils. The skin produces oil naturally - sebum - because it needs it. Harsh chemical cleansers strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it to overcompensate by producing it in greater quantities than before, which could lead to acne and other skincare problems.

Delbôve oil by Thibault De Schepper

As much attention as this trend is getting, it’s important to consider the following:

- A lot of cleansing oil products on the market have been created in order to join the trend. However, if you turn the bottle around to read the ingredients you might find that those oils are found at the bottom of the list, preceded by a pile of illegible chemicals, instantly offsetting the benefits.

- If you decide to go the natural route, you will find that no two oils are the same. Different oils have different properties and are extracted using different methods. In addition to this, natural oils don’t have emulsifiers to naturally remove excess oil when rinsed off the skin. This means a residue of oil could be left as a layer on the epidermis.

- And while we are on the subject of oil, there is one oil that everyone should stay away from. Mineral oil is often found in cosmetic and skincare products, but most people don’t know that it comes from petroleum, as a byproduct of gasoline production.

Delbôve Magic Ritual by Thibault De Schepper

The Magic Ritual was created in 1967, decades before the oil cleansing trend began. Marion and Roger Delbove designed the Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière on the principles of Homeostasis, to create products that would work with the body in order to find its natural equilibrium. More than fifty years later, the Magic Ritual continues to stay true to its roots while incorporating organic agriculture, and staying 100% paraben and mineral oil free. Inside Crème Sorciere you will find two of the most beneficial oils for the skin : sweet almond oil softens and moisturizes, while vitamin-E rich wheatgerm oil emolliates the skin, fights free radicals, supports collagen production and the maintenance of an even skin tone. Winter, you don’t stand a chance!

When paired with Eau Sorcière, their magical synergy will both restore and safeguard your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, ensuring your skin is well-balanced and functions correctly, leaving your skin glowing and radiant.


Pictures by Thibault De Schepper

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