Sustainable Cosmetics with Delbôve

More and more of us are looking for sustainable consumption, particularly in the cosmetics sector: natural ingredients, biodegradable products that respect the cycle of recycling… are some of the key elements which we must pay attention. For 50 years, Delbôve and its cosmetics are based on this philosophy and today we are proud to reward our customers, concerned about the environment and sustainable development!

Our health is related to our planet

The daily use of cosmetics containing harmful ingredients promotes the spread and pollution of the air, water, ground, and can affect our health.

Sustainable development is a life philosophy, surpassing the only consumption of cosmetics: ​​we jeopardize our health by contaminating our planet. Immediately aware of these new challenges, Delbôve has maintained its responsible approach through each of the manufacturing stages of its skincare.

Sustainable development motto? Less is more

How to consume sustainably?

By choosing local cosmetic brands such as Delbôve, by reading the composition of your skincare to be sure they do not contain polluting ingredients, by choosing recyclable containers, by consuming less water in your Delbôve emulsions to metamorphose them into true botanical concentrates ...

How does Delbôve commit for a sustainable production?

We choose quality ingredients for each cosmetic, we partner with suppliers who share our sustainable values, we limit the use of unnecessary packaging ...

We can make a difference and give the benefits of our daily efforts to the entire community.

Efforts rewarded by Delbôve cosmetics!

At Delbôve, we reward our customers who are sensitive to sustainable development. You will receive your FREE favorite mask by bringing back 5 empty Delbôve jars to our boutiques, until February 28th, 2019.



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