Radiance & Revitalize

Ephémérides set : Glow & Radiance


Works on the radiance and brightness of the complexion. The botanical ingredients of this line revitalize and illuminate the appearance of the skin, restoring its radiance. Over time, the natural glow of the skin is reactivated, leaving it plumped and smooth.

What will you find there ? 

Crème Ephémérides - 30ml

Moisturizing and soothing, the Ephémérides targets the natural radiance of your skin by revitalizing it’s hydrolipidical balance from within. The Horse chestnut is a powerful botanical that stimulate blood circulation. Its delightfully fluid texture, melts perfectly into your skin, acting as an ideal base for make-up.

Serum Ephémérides - 30ml

Its powerful concentrate of active botanicals acts as a cell-regeneration booster, making this serum a veritable illuminating elixir.

Masque Ephémérides - 50ml

When you feel the need to plump up and brighten up your skin, entrust your face to this balancing and replenishing mask. A magic wand that vitalises and enhances skin plumpiness through an intensive contribution of moisturising properties, leaving your skin beautifully smooth and radiant.

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