Our Philosophy

Delbôve is a skincare brand that pioneered botanical care. Since the beginning, our formulations found their roots in the power of phytotherapy and medicinal plants. We formulate efficient botanical treatments to restore your skin’s healing power.

Delbôve’s philosophy proposes to reconnect with your skin and to return to the essence of its functioning so as to reveal its full beauty.

We do not use the term “anti-aging” in our vocabulary. We embrace a holistic approach of skin, respecting its natural time. We believe beauty comes from feeling good about oneself and having an effective & natural daily beauty routine that preserves and maximizes your youth capital.

For 50 years, Marion and Roger Delbôve’s formulas have not contained « nasty » ingredients or any health disruptors. Delbôve only use clean and vegan ingredients. Our formulas are safe. NO PARABENS. NO MINERAL OILS. NO PHÉNOXYÉTHANOL. NO SLS. We only test on friends & family!

Our Philosophy

Delbôve’s complex and effective formulas all contain multiple medicinal plants, with a high percentage of active botanicals and low percentage of water (compared to the classical modern creams). Each ingredient has a purpose, our formulations are based on the magistral preparation from pharmacies.

The PH of the products and their sensoriality are at the heart of Delbôve science. Delbôve products are developed from carefully sourced medicinal plants and noble ingredients, all selected according to strict scientific principles. In order to preserve as much as possible, the plants’ active properties, these are subject to maceration, also called mother tincture (vs. essential oils that can be disruptive). Each Delbôve’s treatment thereby benefits from powerful ingredients of natural origin and originating from organic agriculture.

We use recyclable glass containers and we limit to a maximum the use of paper for our packagings. Each product is handmade, our little fairies individually attach the leaflet around your favorite product.


Our mission is to restore the physiological processes of your skin.

In the 1960s, Roger & Marion Delbôve discovered the theory that embodies their scientific conviction: homeostasis. According to this concept, all living systems are capable of maintaining or regaining, by themselves, a state of balance suitable for them to function properly, despite the external constraints to which they are subjected. Convinced that skin is a living organ and not just a protective covering, Roger and Marion Delbôve sought to provide it with everything that can help it to maintain this state of dynamic balance.

They chose NOT to use products that, through artificial chemical stimulation, attempt to superficially correct (or make up for) a skin deficiency or weakness. They chose to use active botanicals, that stimulate its surface, so that your skin re-establishes, by itself, its natural spontaneous functions: metabolization, absorption, elimination, hydration, thermoregulation, regeneration, restoration of the hydrolipidic barrier.


The Crème Sorcière + Eau Sorcière Magic Ritual is the basis of Delbôve mixology. This two products’ emulsification makes it possible to multiply the effects of each other. With only 3 steps, spray + mix + treat , you can accentuate the power of active botanicals.

In order to further respect the homeostasis principles, Delbôve products are formulated so as to be combined and mixed with each other. Our serums and oils can be emulsified as needed. The masks combine on different parts of the face, during any given treatment.

There is no “day cream/night cream” distinction: all of the formulas work in synergy and each one is surprisingly versatile, increasing its uses. You alone decide the combination that works best for you!

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