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Delbôve is a forerunner in developing skincare products based on the powers of plants and nature. Right from the very start, the formulas we developed in the 1960s drew on active ingredients sourced from medicinal plants and phytotherapy. We use plant-based oils and essences to create gentle yet deeply effective products designed to restore your skin's ability to heal itself.

The Delbôve philosophy offers the possibility of reconnecting with your skin and getting back to its essential functioning, letting its natural beauty shine through.

Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière products on a scale


Taking the assumption that all skin issues stem from an imbalance in how it functions as their starting point, Roger and Marion Delbôve discovered, in the 1960s, a scientific principle that supported their theory: homoeostasis.


This concept asserts that all living systems are capable of maintaining and guiding themselves back to the balanced state needed to function correctly, despite the external constraints they may face. Based on the idea that the skin is a living, breathing organ in its own right, rather than a simple outer layer encasing the body, as was commonly believed at the time, Roger and Marion Delbôve set about trying to help skin maintain its vital balance.


The process relies on one key factor: the skin's hydrolipidic film. This complex, invisible emulsion covers the entire epidermis, and varies depending on the area of the body and external factors. Serving as an invisible shield, the hydrolipidic film is the skin's cutaneous barrier.


The combined effects of the Magic Ritual's Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière replenish and nurture this precious film, thus restoring the skin's natural balance and optimal functioning.

Restoring your skin's natural physiological processes: this is our goal.

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To help the skin re-establish its natural vital functions by itself (including protection, metabolisation, hydration and regeneration), Marion and Roger Delbôve stripped their formulas of any chemical or artificial boost that would only ever be superficial or short-lived. Instead, they harnessed the powers of nature and medicinal plants, extracting active ingredients capable of naturally stimulating the skin's innate functioning.


HIGH CONCENTRATION. Developed from medicinal plants and precious ingredients selected according to strict scientific pharmacopeial principles, Delbôve formulas have a very high active ingredient content and low percentage of water when compared to standard creams.


MOTHER TINCTURES. To preserve and protect the active ingredients as far as possible, the plants are macerated before the mother tinctures are extracted, as opposed to using essential oils, which can sometimes cause irritation. The result is that all Delbôve formulas contain powerful ingredients of natural origin, primarily sourced from organic farming.


RESPECT. The formulas developed by Marion and Roger Delbôve contain no ingredients harmful to health, with the emphasis on healthy, vegan substances. Tested on family and friends (and never on animals), our products contain ZERO PARABENS - ZERO MINERAL OILS - ZERO PHENOXYETHANOL - ZERO SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE (SLS)! These are products that respect humans, nature and animal welfare.


ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT. Our products are made from organically-farmed ingredients wherever possible. They are manufactured in Belgium, in a factory that operates on a manageable, human-sized scale. Most are packaged in recyclable glass jars, and we restrict our use of cardboard as far as possible.

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STEP 0. The Magic Ritual is the starting point for all Delbôve skincare: it aims to replenish and protect your skin's precious hydrolipidic film, restoring its natural balance and optimal functioning. 

Our universal Step 0 stage is suitable for everyone, and primes your skin, giving it a healthy base to work with.


STEP +. The effects of your morning and evening Magic Ritual can be bolstered with the active ingredients contained in our targeted formulas.
This is what we call Step +, in which more targeted action meets a specific need.


> These two steps work in perfect unison thanks to our range's synergy, which is based on the idea of MIXOLOGY: all our products are designed to be used in conjunction with one another, and can even be combined, mixed and emulsified together.

Our serums, creams and masks boost the results of the Magic Ritual, allowing you to customise your beauty routine depending on your skin's individual needs.

The serums and oils can be emulsified with your favourite cream for a more intense effect and extra comfort.

In the same session, you can apply different masks to different areas of your face, in line with what each of them needs.

And finally, you can take your routine to the next level with our formulas specifically aimed at the eye area, the contours of the face, the neck and décolleté, and the entire body.

Ultimately, you keep full control over the combination that suits you best, staying mindful and attentive to your skin's unique needs.


> At Delbôve, we don't believe in special day and night skincare: all our formulas work in harmony together, each astonishingly versatile and designed to be used in a number of different ways.

We reject terms such as 'anti-ageing' and 'anti-wrinkle', too. We embrace a HOLISTIC APPROACH TO SKINCARE that respects skin's natural functions. We believe that beauty comes from a sensitive and sensory approach to skincare, helping the skin along with respect and by reconnecting to its needs through an effective and natural daily beauty routine that protects it and maximises its youthfulness.
The end result is that our customers feel good about their skin and good about themselves – from head to toe.


> Delbôve's formulas are UNIVERSAL: designed for all skin types (super sensitive skin loves them!), from women to men, young to old, summer to winter.