The Magic Ritual

The secret to rebalancing your skin lies in the Magic Ritual, Delbôve's pioneering two-step process: Crème Sorcière + Eau Sorcière, both specifically formulated to be synergised in an emulsion that cleanses, removes make-up, and has a healing effect by caring for the all-important hydrolipidic film.

The Magic Ritual step by step

The first step of the Delbove ritual is to spray

1. Spray

Spray a little Eau Sorcière into 50 ml of water.

IMPORTANT Gradually acclimatise your skin to the formula's active ingredients by progressively increasing the amount over the first month:
Week 1 = 2 sprays
Week 2 = 4 sprays
Week 3 = 6 sprays
Week 4 = 8 sprays

Soak two or three cotton pads in the mixture.

Squeeze out and set aside for Step 3.

The second step of the Delbove ritual is to emulsify

2. Mix

Use the spatula to place a pea-sized amount of Crème Sorcière in the palm of your hand.

Wet with a few drops of your Eau Sorcière mixture, and emulsify until your palms are coated in white.

The third step of the Delbove ritual is to treat the skin

3. Treat

Apply the emulsion to your face and eye area. Use the full length and breadth of your hands to massage your face, neck and décolleté, working in circles to boost blood circulation.

Every now and then, dip your fingers in the Eau Sorcière mixture to make the cream go further and continue to emulsify it until your face is covered in a fine, milky layer.

Remove excess product with the cotton pads from Step 1, then dry your face with a clean towel.

Lastly, warm a pea-sized amount of Crème Sorcière between your hands (or use one of our other targeted supplementary creams), and apply in circles to your face and décolleté.


After just a few sessions, morning and evening, you'll discover that this three-minute Ritual is so much more than a simple cleansing routine. Instead, it will become a genuine exercise in mindfulness and a special moment of well-being to be shared between you and your skin.

You may find your skin rebelling to start with - it's suddenly being asked to work in a natural way again - but hang on in there for a month. You'll gradually see your skin change, become more supple and less sensitive, with a texture that has never been smoother and an unbelievable glow. Results and a sense of well-being that last. You'll never want to be without them again!

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