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Cleanse, balance and regenerate your skin!
3 steps : spray, mix & treat!

Crème Sorcière and Eau Sorcière are the basis of all treatments. They were developed to combine the benefits of their active ingredients in order to restore your skin’s homeostasis. During this unique ritual, you rebalance your skin: your skin regains its autonomy, the capacity to accomplish all of its natural functions by itself, including its essential spontaneous hydration.

True, the Magic Ritual requires perseverance and commitment but you will soon discover it’s more than a cleansing routine! Morning and evening, it only takes 5 min to empower your skin. You will see your skin changing, revealing its glow, feeling more subtle and less reactive. This ritual is beauty at your fingertips.

Magic Ritual 100ml

Iconic duo Eau & Crème Sorcière...

1# Spray

SPRAY the Eau Sorcière into 50ml of water - To gradually adapt your skin to its active ingredients increase dosage progressively over 1 month: Week 1: 2 sprays . Week 2: 4 sprays. Week 3 : 6 sprays. Week 4 : 8 sprays.
Dip 2 to 3 large cotton woRESERVE to remove the emulsion in Step 3ol pads in the preparation. SQUEEZE the cotton pads out firmly & RESERVE to remove the emulsion in Step 3.

2# Mix

Using the spatula take a dab of Crème Sorcière and MIX it in the palms of your hands with the Eau Sorcière preparation until your hands are white.

3# Treat

Apply the treatment onto your face in CIRCULAR movements to activate your blood circulation. use the full surface of your hands MASSAGE your face, neck and décolletage. Do not forget to include your eyes! The emulsion removes non-waterproof make-up.
Repeatedly dip your fingers into the Eau Sorcière preparation to continue emulsifying (x5times) the cream until only a thin milky layer remains. Then remove the emulsion with the cottons you prepared. Then pat dry your face with a towel. Finally, warm up a pea of Cream Sorcière (or your treatment cream) in your hands, apply in circular motions onto your face.

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