Balancing cream & cleanser

Crème Sorcière


Insiders renowned all purpose skin cream with magical results. Used alone, it is a skin savior. It hydrates dry skin, smooth and sooth fine lines, or can be used as a make-up primer for its matifying properties- the list is endless. Together with the Eau Sorcière, it is used as a cleanser and make-up remover. Their synergy will both restore and safeguard your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, ensuring your skin is well-balanced and functions correctly, leaving your skin glowing and radiating health and beauty.

An original and exclusive formula created by Marion Delbove more than 50 years ago. Its protective, regenerative, softening and antioxidant properties make it a treatment cream that, without artificially inflating the tissues, helps your skin regain its balance and natural beauty, according to the principles of homeostasis. Non-aggressed, your skin’s natural hydrolipidic barrier is preserved and your skin will regain the ability to become self-functioning, including, its essential spontaneous auto-hydration.

When mixed with the Eau Sorcière preparation, it replaces a cleanser, and a make-up remover.


Developed from active ingredients, selected according to strict scientific principles, for their protective, hydrating, regenerative, softening and antioxidant properties, this cream, used daily as an emulsion with the Eau Sorcière or, used by itself, will help your skin regain its balance and its natural beauty, in accordance with the principles of homeostasis. 



Used alone, warm a small dab of cream in the palm of your hand. Apply to face, neck and decolletage, using gentle circular movements.

Used in the Magic Ritual, watch Gina's tutorial below:


Apply both in the morning and in the evening


Daily usage, evening and/ or morning.


Applied as a barrier, it helps the skin to protect itself from climatic & environmental stresses/damage (wind, cold, frost, sun)

Applied locally, it is ideal for soothing weakened or irritated skin after exposure to the sun

Used on the body to soothe dry patches and skin irritations due to rubbing and moisture.

To intensify nutrtition, add a drop or two of our nourishing Huile Intense oil.

We advise to avoid the use of any foaming or harsh products for cleansing your skin, as it could strip the precious hydrolipidic barrier we so want to preserve and protect!



Sweet almond oil*: eases, softens, moisturizes

Wheatgerm oil*: emollient, rich in vitamin E, anti-free radicals, moisturizes

Cocoa butter*: emollient, moisturizes, protects

Centaurea cyanus MT*: soothes, relieves fragile skin

Tilia tomentosa MT*: softens

Lavendula Angustifolia MT*: soothing, regenerates, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Alpha bisabolol (active component in chamomile): improves cutaneous metabolism, smoothes, repairs & promotes skin comfort

Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Extract: astringent and bacteriostatic, regulates secretions of sebaceous glands

Vitamin B6: promotes cell metabolism

Vitamin PP: improves skin’s elasticity

Allantoin: soothes, leaves skin feeling comfortable

Retinyl palmitate: antioxidant

Fucocert: protects, stimulates cell-renewal 

*organically produced

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