Delbôve Limited Edition Gift Box : Hands & Feet essentials

Delbôve Limited Edition Gift

Delbôve offers you wonderful gifts for Winter Holidays! Buy your Mains de Fée & Pieds Enchantés kit and receive your mini Crème Sorcière as a gift!

What will you find there ? 

Mains de Fée - 50ml

A nourishing and protective coating hand cream for every-day use, restoring suppleness, softness, elasticity and comfort to your hands. An instant soothing and delightful sensation of well-being - to the very ends of your fingertips.

Pieds Enchantés - 50ml

The secret behind the wonderful feeling of soft, relaxed and feather-light feet; a caring and sanitizing foot cream, spiked with a refreshing scent. Upon application, an immediate wave of soothing freshness envelopes your feet, infusing them with a deep feeling of comfort and wellbeing.

Crème Sorcière - 25ml

This cleansing and treatment cream, forms, with the Eau Sorcière, the basis of your twice-daily Magic Ritual. Their magical synergy will both restore and safeguard your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, ensuring your skin is well-balanced and functions correctly, leaving your skin glowing and radiating health and beauty.

Beautiful Limited Edition Gift Box - perfect for storing your little secrets ! 
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