Delbôve Limited Edition Gift Box : The Magic Ritual

Delbôve Limited Edition Gift

Delbôve offers you wonderful gifts for Winter Holidays! Buy your Crème Sorcière & Eau Sorcière kit and receive your Magic Bowl as a gift!

What will you find there ? 

Crème Sorcière - 50ml

This cleansing and treatment cream, forms, with the Eau Sorcière, the basis of your twice-daily Magic Ritual. Their magical synergy will both restore and safeguard your skin’s hydrolipidic barrier, ensuring your skin is well-balanced and functions correctly, leaving your skin glowing and radiating health and beauty.

Eau Sorcière - 50ml

This botanical essence, a plant distillate, is a genuine ”Eau de Beauté” – it forms with the Crème Sorcière an exceptional synergy. Designed to gently and deeply cleanse the skin, to sooth and regenerate the skin while preserving its hydrolipidic film, the Eau Sorcière is essential for radiant and healthy skin.

Magic Ritual Bowl

Your Magic Ritual accessory ! Lightweight and unbreakable, it follows you everywhere and reminds you the three essential steps of a successful ritual.

Beautiful Limited Edition Gift Box - perfect for storing your little secrets ! 
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