Masque Lumière

"Coup d'éclat" mask

When you feel the need to revitalise your skin, give it that extra boost, thanks to this magical mask that replumps up the skin through an intensive dose of moisturising, balancing and anti-wrinkle properties: your complexion will be left beautifully smooth and radiant !


Formulated using active ingredients, selected according to strict scientific-principles, for their high moisturising power and their anti-free radical, regenerating and toning virtues, this mask has the particularity to stimulate the principals functions of the skin, thus allowing the active ingredients to be fully absorbed... for a radiant and luminous result !


After a long day, before a special event, or simply whenever you feel the need, apply a generous even layer to, previously cleansed face with your Crème Sorcière+Eau Sorcière Magic Ritual, avoiding the contour of the eyes. Relax and rest for at least 15 minutes whilst the mask works it magic. Remove with cotton wool pads imbued with Eau Sorcière.

Masks form an essential part of skincare. Wether your skin is oily or dry, regular use will reveal bright glowing skin.

For an ultimate treatment, combine with cotton wool pads imbued with Merveille des Yeux over your eyes.

For a tailor-made treatment, apply various masks on different areas of your face, targeted according to the specificities of your skin.


Sweet almond oil* emollient, softens, moisturises

Avocado oil* rich in vitamin E, softens, moisturises

Lavendula Angustifolia MT (lavender)* soothing, regenerates, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic

Centella asiatica MT (Gotu kola)* rich in unsaturated fatty acids, stimulates collagen synthesis, promotes cell regeneration

Eleutherococus senticosus MT (Siberian ginseng)* adaptogen, protects against external-aggressive agents, prevents aging

Eleutherococus senticosus MT (Siberian ginseng)* adaptogen, protects against external-aggressive agents, prevents aging

Aesculushippocastanum MT (horse chestnut)* powerful anti-inflammatory, strengthens capillary resistance

Retinyl palmitate antioxidant, anti-aging

Alpha bisabolol (active component in chamomille) improves skin metabolism, soothes, repairs & promotes skin comfort.

*Organically produced

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